2021-05-19 A new attraction

From the 15th of July "Gamtos Perlas" will be providing the additional service of entertainment with horses. A group of 2 riders, under the caring supervision of our guide, will have the opportunity to experience the pure joy of riding through our deer territory and ride amongst them all: deers, does and a very special moose that we have nicknamed Love. 


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We also accept children and adults to our riding lessons that are tutored by profesional teachers. This is not only a leisurely way to spend your time, but a soothing way to enhance your sense of well being due to the therapeutic benefits of experiencing love and connection to your horse.


Once you have learned to ride, saddle and make ready your horse, 10 lessons for those who want to further broaden their riding experience will cost a mere 75 euro.


We are located in beautiful natural surroundings where we keep and breed horses bred particularly for leisurely riding. We do not put visitors onto horses meant for professional riding. Our horses are prepared from an early so that complete beginners, even ones who haven't ever been on a saddle, can ride them easily and calmly. We respect and cherish you - our visitors! Therefore we equally attend to your safety and convenience. 

We lead and look after your children during their pony rides.

We invite you all, big and small, to try! 


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