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    This unique taxidermy museum is unlike any other in all of Lithuania and even Eastern Europe! It will surprise you with the sheer abundance and diversity of exhibits. These exotic animals were hunted in tens of countries throughout the world – resulting in a great educational tool for both children and adults. You will see exhibits of impressive size such as the elephant and giraffe. Other exhibits include the lion, zebra, rhinoceros, monkeys, crocodiles, various birds and many other exotic animals.



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Working hours: 11:00  – 19:00  

Off-season: 12:00 - 17:00





    Hunting is one of my hobbies, which I have been perfecting since 1982. Between then and now, I have collected a rather substantial amount of trophies, however there was no possibility to exhibit them back home. Therefore, in the year 1995, the idea to establish a museum, which would be accessible to everyone interested, was born. From that moment I did my best to salvage the game in way that would enable me to taxidermy the entire, or at the very least half, of its body. Horns and fangs can only tell more about the game for seasoned hunters than it can for the common person or children, who have no idea that hunting is selective. That there are animals you are allowed or have to hunt to restore balance to the ecosystem. Furthermore, part our youngest generation has no idea where milk comes from and has only seen wild animals in documentaries or cartoons.

    I aimed to change that and I do not regret my determination to invest in such a museum as it has inspired great interest. This is mainly because species from more than ten different countries around the world have all been gathered in one place and is now accessible for everyone. Every exhibit you will see has its own story. Some of them are extreme and dangerous stories of great endurance, patience and preparation. If there were time, I would publish a book about each and every one of them. However, I currently have to finish the description for every exhibit and I plan to install a screen that would portray the various landscapes and wildlife of the countries I hunted in.      


Respectfully Yours,

Antanas Bosas



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Safari in Karklė – an unforgettable experience guaranteed!

You will be surprised by our unique collection of birds, further impressed with the curious eyes of wolves, the proud European bison, the lickerish bear Laima, wild boars and even ostriches. During the safari, visitors will have an opportunity to hand-feed the fallow deers, red deers and even a moose named Love!



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